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St. John's Lodging Information

You need to provide your conference registration confirmation number to make the lodging reservation.

Please register first Here (

Important information about St. John’s Lodging:

  • On-site housing will be in the college dorms.  Prices are a total per person, per sleeping room (with the exception of the Large Single/Coed Room and Family Apartment) for the duration of the conference.  They are NOT priced per building or dwelling.
  • The lodging prices listed are for the full 4 nights and the rooms are not available for a nightly rate. For the fifth night (if available for the room you choose), the cost will be additional 25%. The price includes all taxes and fees (as a reference, local lodging taxes are 15% and the campus fee of $15).
  • Check in and Check out time: St. John's College requires check in after 2pm on the date of arrival and check out before 10am on the date of departure.
  • Meals: St. Johns lodging fee includes 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) per day during your stay.  (Note: Dinner and breaks and the evening poster receptions are part of the registration cost)
  • The cut off date for online reservation is 7/10/2011. Any reservation made after 7/10/2011 will be charged for a late fee of $50 on top of the regular lodging fee.


Room Type Descriptions With Price:

1) Single$160
1-room dorm appx. 8x12 feet in size. Single bed, desk, closet. Appx. 10 people per shared bathroom. Linoleum floor. See dorm layout for details. 1-room dorm appx. 8x12 feet in size. Single bed, desk, closet. Appx. 10 people per shared bathroom. Linoleum floor. See dorm layout for details.

2) Large Single/Coed Room$375 for two people
**2-beds in a 1-room single.  Slightly larger room than a regular single.  Appx 10 people per bathroom. These rooms will be in a co-ed dorm (e.g. Kirby) with women's restrooms on one floor and men's restroom on a separate floor.

**Designated for couples where one is a non-conference guest. Note: Includes a full breakfast and lunch at the college cafeteria for both people (one attendee plus one guest). Dinner for non-conference guests is additional.

Since lodging for conference attendees is heavily subsidized, we suggest couples that both people are registered for the conference might choose to book separate single rooms.  This will cost less and have more space than a large single.

3) Double / Triple Interior$120
2-person, 2-room double dorm or 3-person, 3-room triple dorm. Each person has a separate sleeping room joined by a door to their roommates room. The exterior sleeping room is private, and attached to an interior sleeping room with a lockable door. The interior sleeping room has the entrance/exit to the hallway and is therefore considered semi-private. Appx 10 people per bathroom. Great for colleagues on a budget. Linoleum floor. See dorm layout below for details.

4) Suite - $280
Typical 5 bedroom apartment instead of a dorm. 5 seperate sleeping rooms (8x12 feet in size) with a bed, closet, desk, and lockable door for privacy. Furnished living room and double-sink bathroom for each suite. Great for increased interaction with speakers. Carpeted. 5 paid guests per suite. See suite layout below for details.

5) Apartments - Note: no floor plan available for apartments.

--Apartment: $600 Per person per room.  Typical 2 bedroom apartment with a furnished living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Great for seclusion and privacy. Carpeted. 2 paid guests per apartment.

--Family Apartment: $1200. Same as an apartment above, but for a single conference attendee with family. 1 paid guest per 2-bedroom family apartment. Reserved for attendees with special needs. Note: You need to reserve and pay for two rooms ($600 for each room) for the apartment you choose. Breakfast and lunch will be included for family members up to 3.